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Be The Envy Of Your Neighborhood

Get a manicured lawn and creative landscaping details that will make your neighbors jealous, without spending your valuable time on yard work.



Breathtaking Landscaping and Quality Service Eye-catching lawns and landscaping take time and expertise that you just don’t have. We get it. And that’s why we’re here to help. Center Valley Landscaping and lawn care professionals handle everything from landscape design and installation to weekly lawn care and maintenance.

You can count on us to keep your property looking its best to put your mind at ease, boost curb appeal and make you puff up with pride each time you pull into the driveway.

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Landscaping, Hardscapes, Irrigation Systems, Snow Removal & More

The solution for all of your landscaping needs.We work in multiple locations in the Lehigh Valley, including Allentown, Quakertown, Coopersburg, Macungie, Easton, Center Valley and surrounding areas. Our range covers a large area of Eastern Pennsylvania and ensures that we are able to serve our clients located throughout the region.

Residential Landscaping

Create the yard of your dreams! Work with our talented landscape designers to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Commercial Landscaping

Impress your clients with peaceful and inviting outdoor spaces. Happy customers spend more money. Make your customers happy!

Snow Removal

Stay in bed and let us clear your driveway. We will get you cleared out so you can get out.  Call NOW to get on the priority list.  Don't get left out.

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Listen To What Our Customers Say…

Because It’s Our Customers That Matter Most.

Fred B.

Bethlehem, PA

Great job on my lawn.

Attentive to detail.

Clean up Great.

Kathleen M

Coopersburg, PA

They did excellent work under very trying conditions this winter.  I highly recommend them.

Joe H.

Perkasie, PA

Herb did a really nice job cleaning up and mulching my lawn. Highly recommend him.

Lehigh Valley Lawn Care & Maintenance

Maintaining an attention-grabbing lawn will eat up your precious evenings and weekends in a hurry.

We’ll make sure you never have to worry about that again. Our lawn care experts fertilize, kill weeds, and handle pest control. We also do spring cleanup, patios and lighting. 

That’s on top of regular mowing and edging, of course.

That way, you can relax and enjoy your yard in your free time, rather than sweating behind a lawnmower in the summer sun.

Center Valley Landscaping Design & Installation

We take your yard from stunted to stunning.

Our professional landscape artists work side-by-side with you to turn your vision into a creative landscape design and bring it to life.

Work with us to design beautiful and functional landscapes for your home or business. Our experienced team will install it quickly and affordably.


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Hardscaping & Stone Work

We love green! But well-designed hardscapes (in natural stone or pavers) add both personality and functionality to your outdoor spaces.

Make your outdoor space your focal point for entertaining, dining and more with walkways, patios, outdoor fireplaces and integrated barbecue grills.

We can also use retaining walls and grading to tame the challenging parts of your landscape and create more sculpted, usable outdoor space.

Case Study: An Investment In Peace Of Mind

Chriselt that same sinking feeling as he pulled in the driveway after work. The same one he felt every day. The yard was a mess. The shrubs looked forgotten. And the dead limb on that oak tree was starting to look dangerous. But after another long week at work, he just didn’t have the time to do it himself.

Finally, he broke down and called Center Valley Landscaping. We got his yard under control right away with weekly maintenance. Eventually, they also decided on some small additions and upgrades-- a retaining wall, a new flower bed and a couple of new trees-- to improve the overall aesthetic balance of the yard.

Chris says that the relaxed feeling he gets when he comes home each day is worth the investment alone. He also believes the improvements will help him get more money for the house when they decide to sell.

Do you suffer from lawn-induced stress? Trust your landscaping to the professionals. Call us today. 

Read Some Persistent Landscaping Myths:

“If I cut my grass short, then I won’t need to do it as often.”


Cutting grass too short actually harms the grass and allows weeds to flourish. It’s a shock to the system of the plant and risks exposing the roots to damaging amounts of sunlight. The correct length varies by grass type, so do some research (or call us). Please don’t just set your mower on the lowest setting and get to work. You’ll regret it!

“I don’t need professional landscaping.”

Some landscaping jobs (especially maintenance) can certainly be done by a non-professional. But do you have the time and knowledge to do it well? Superior landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 10-15%, so it’s important to get it right.

“Trees don’t add any value besides appearance”

Trees are a great addition to any landscaping project but it’s not just about looks. Trees have a significant cooling effect on your yard and your home. That means that they look great and save you money.



Reliable Full-Service Landscaping In Center Valley

We’re the landscapers behind many of the best residential and commercial landscaping projects in Center Valley and the surrounding area. In the process, we’ve improved people’s lives, inspired their workforce and increased the property value of hundreds of homes and businesses in our community.

We want to do the same for you! Your job will never be too large or too small for us. Whether we’re reshaping and redesigning your entire property or trimming your lawn with care and precision, we pay attention to every last detail.

Our mission is always to help you get the more enjoyment and value out of your outdoor space while saving you precious time and money. Call us for a free quote and find out for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I aerate my lawn?

Aeration helps remove excess thatch, which is a buildup of dead grass that can harbor insects and disease. Aeration also helps roots to grow more deeply and allows water and nutrients a direct path to the root zone.

What’s the benefit of a sprinkler system?

When you water by hand you usually do it a random and not on a regular schedule. So a timed sprinkler system will generally use less water and allow you to customize your watering program based on factors like sun exposure. Plus, it lets you live your life freely, without worrying about getting home from vacation early to water the lawn.

When is the best time to plant?

Most shrubs and trees should be planted in either Spring or Fall. With perennial flowering plants, Spring is your best option but late summer and early fall are also fine

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